SEO Trends That Actively Need To Be Followed

There are four trends to be observed in particular in 2021. The importance of in-house SEO is increasing for companies, which leads to an increase in the number of tasks for external agencies. Rich snippets are increasingly mixing up the display of search results. And social media remain one of the most virulent topics. But with all of this, an old friend who ensures consistency in the SEO business is the Domain Trust.

SEO: In-house anchoring and support by agencies

More and more management and marketing departments are becoming aware of the importance of a robust search engine optimization strategy. As a result, more and more in-house SEO departments are being set up.

Contrary to what you might expect, this does not mean a loss of orders for SEO agencies, but exactly the opposite. Because the level of complexity for effective search engine optimization continues to grow, there is also a growing need for support from external service providers. Whether content, link building, or off-page optimization: the know-how of real specialists remains in demand. Atechnocrat is one of the finest SEO Company in India that can help with numerous SEO tasks

Atechnocrat can provide support for SEO in-house teams for:

  • Link building
  • Content Writing
  • Social media monitoring
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO strategy advice

Rich snippets are the real hit

The second big trend having a spotlight is the increasing exposure and use of rich snippets. 

There are also many other options that Google offers for rich snippets like schema markups and video feeds. The display of test ratings is one of them. Since CTR improvements (CTR = Click-Through-Rate) of 50 percent and more can be ascertained, it can be assumed that a great number of people want to take advantage of this trend. Getting rich snippet is only possible if you write an article or provide information that is unique and properly formatted

Social media integration

The demands on search engine optimization are increasing through social media. Even if it cannot be assumed that Facebook, for example, has become an absolutely dominant factor increasing effects on sales and brand value. Social media advertisements are one of the target-based platforms where you can promote your brand without losing too much money of miscellaneous costs. Social signals are becoming more important, but they take time. This is even more true when you consider that Google can currently only integrate Twitter or Facebook data into the hit lists to a limited extent. The link base and good link authority, therefore, remain one of the most important SEO metrics. Because the trust of the website is still the most reliable parameter that Google has for ranking.