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How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social media is not as simple as it seems. From picking the right social media channels to coming up with content marketing strategy, almost every social marketer has analysis paralysis these days. This is why we have come up with a complete guide to create a foolproof social media marketing strategy.

Set Your Own Goals 

First of all, you need to find out what you want and then come up with a plan. Do you want to make money out of your social presence? Do you want to increase your reach with more followers? Set your realistic goals for social media marketing. Tackle smaller objectives to scale up your efforts in both affordable and reasonable ways. 

Know your Target Audience 

Don’t make assumptions. Use social media analytics tools that provide lots of demographic information. You need to know about your audience first before influencing them with your strategy. Take social media demographics every day. With these numbers, you can find out which networks you should choose for your brand and type of content your audience needs. 

Establish the most vital metrics for you

Your social media strategy should be based on data, no matter what you sell. It would be best if you focused on social media metrics that work. Instead of vanity metrics, dig deep into data as per your goals. Here’s the breakdown of metrics you should consider – 

  • Reaches – It means a number has seen your post of unique users. It refers to how far your content is going. Is it reaching the feeds of the users? It is very vital to track reaches in ever-changing algorithms. 
  • Engagement – Divide the total social interactions by overall impressions. It would be best if you saw who interacted with your post. It’s a good ratio from your reach. It focuses on how well your audience perceives you and whether they are willing to communicate.
  • Clicks – It consists of total clicks on the content, logo, or company name. Link clicks are vital to finding out how users go through your sales funnel. On each campaign, track clicks to find out what makes people curious. 

Research Your Competition 

Before creating content, you should understand your competition. Some brands may want to use competitor analysis tools to go deeper into the numbers of their competitors. But you can get deeper insights from reviewing the social presence of your competitors. Just look at their social channels. It will instantly give you an idea of your strategy. The goal is not to steal or copy the idea of your competitors. In fact, it’s to find out what is working and what conclusions you need to adapt your campaigns.