4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

You have to make a lot of decisions and you usually don’t have much time to make a move to a new location. From selecting the right date to move and choosing the new supplies, you have to do a lot of things that are quite overwhelming. There are plenty of interstate and domestic moving agencies across the US. So, there is no lack of choices down the road. But before hiring a moving company, you should ask the right questions in your favor – 

Are you licensed? 

There are lots of rogue companies and moving scams you should watch out for. The US Department of Transportation issues a license number to every interstate moving company. Check their complaint records and license number online. In addition, local moving companies are regulated by their respective state as they operate in the same state. In that case, you should check a state license. 

What about the references? 

Ask for references before you entrust valuable belongings to anyone. They should provide all the details required. Do your homework when looking for a moving agency. You may ask in your neighborhood or friend about the best moving companies. Word of mouth is still helpful and one of the most trusted ways to choose the best business in this day and age. 

Also check the ratings and online reviews of the moving company. Check their BBB rating, US DOT number, association with any authority or official complaints, if any. 

Are you experienced in this type of move? 

It is the most important question you shouldn’t skip. They must have good enough experience to handle your move. For example, if you are planning a move to a townhouse with several steps and storeys, a multi-storey apartment complex, or a big city, ask whether they have relevant experience. They must also be experienced in handling all the restrictions like steep stairs, parking, small doorways, and no elevators. 

Do you provide coverage? 

Ensure that your belongings are safe and protected in case something wrong happens on the move. They must have proper liability coverage to choose.